Wardrobe Design & Consulting for Businesses

Your staff’s personal style can provide an instantaneous impression of your company’s message, so they should look the part. More and more, new & established businesses alike are looking for a polished, put-together look for their staff that shows confidence and clearly expresses the business’s vibe. Trophy Boutique consults with restaurants, hotels, bars, and agencies on staff wardrobe & appearance, and will help with anything from team-building presentations on style to uniform design and sourcing.

Trophy Boutique will work with you to conceive of a look for your staff that’s as unique as your business, space, and employees. Laurel has taken servers shopping for comfortable but classy on-the-job outfits, helped new real estate agents look the part, and collaborates with Mr. & Mrs. Sew it All to create custom pieces and head to toe looks for local businesses such as TRIO in the Four Seasons. We’d love to hear about your next project!

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TRIO uniforms

Image by Amy Gentry