Dressy/Casual: How to Wear a Linen Blazer

I’ve been in hot pursuit of a linen blazer for what seems like eons, but is probably more like 2 years. My dreams came true at Last Call (where so many dreams are made) last week when I found this cropped tuxedo-style linen blazer in my size for next to nothing. In my fantasy world, […]

PJs for Day (how to style “harem” pants)

I’ve had a long-term distaste for what some call harem pants, I call diaper pants, or any pair of pants that has a drop-butt which makes you look 3 sizes larger than you are on purpose. Luckily, there do exist some types of pants that are sometimes dubbed “harem” pants, but are actually more like […]

How to Do Drape

Finally! Springtime! Warm weather! Of course spring lasts about 3 seconds before it starts to get impossible to dress without sweating, so it’s time to stock up on your loose-fitting drape tops. Lots of clients love this look–the belly-hiding but still cute and comfortable drape top, but what the hell do you wear it with […]

Plus Size Shopping Guide for Spring

Happy Spring, everyone! It’s been a wild March, and I’m excited because the warm weather means new spring clothes in the shops! Of course, shopping can be extremely frustrating no matter what the season if you’ve got specific size requirements. Lately I’ve been working with more plus size clients, and have discovered that it’s nearly […]

Instagram Contest

Need help with some spring wardrobe cleaning? Win a Closet Sort* by entering my Instagram Contest! Show me an item you’re not sure how to wear & be entered to win a free full closet sort! Here’s how: 1. Follow me on Instagram: @trophyboutique 2. Post a shot of your questionable item/outfit (selfie not required) […]

Prepping in Plaid

This week is all about prepping for my first Style Party! I am super excited because I have a fun presentation planned for my first group, all about how to wear the latest trends for spring without looking like a dork, plus the ladies are all bringing in a piece of clothing they love from […]

Maxi Skirt in Winter

Winter isn’t the season you usually think of as being conducive to maxi skirts. Winter generally involves a lot of warm layers, trudging, and sitting around inside, but not this week in Austin! This week it’s the best version of winter: 80 degrees, sunny, and breezy. I’ll take it! What’s weird about this weather in […]

Love Jeans

Popping in real quick to wish you a day of love (self-love or other-people love) and share my simple little Valentine’s Day outfit. I am having a sweatshirt moment this year, so it’s only fitting that I’d pair mine with my old red jeans today. The loafers make the jeans feel a little more modern […]

Pastels (for spring!)

I’ve been prepping some fun presentations for my Style Parties for spring, and in doing so have been collecting some new trendier pieces to style. I like to try out a trend before I talk about it, so that I can give a well-rounded discussion of the different options for wearing them, and to make […]

The Four Season’s TRIO Uniforms

After months of planning, design, sourcing, and construction, the new uniforms for the Four Season’s TRIO restaurant are being worn by servers, S.A.s, food runners, and hosts! Chris and Amanda of Mr. & Mrs. Sew It All and I joined the staff for the ribbon cutting a few weeks ago and saw the updated restaurant’s […]