New Personal Styling Site!

Well, the time has come, friends…my business has outgrown it’s name, and I have gotten pretty tired of explaining that I don’t have a clothing store! You’ll get the same blog posts from here for the time being, but all of my services now live on my new site,! I hope you’ll check it […]

The Amazing Face Event

I’ve teamed up with local photographer, Phillinda Roy, to offer a really fun and easy way to update your headshot, social media, or online dating profile photo. We will take care of the hair, makeup, photo and I will help you figure out what to wear. There are two offers to choose from, either one […]

Style Mentor Program

As someone who began her path towards styling after a career as a social worker, I know it’s overwhelming to start a new business, and there’s so much you have to learn the hard way. I found that the work itself was always smooth-sailing, but building a real business was the difficult, harrowing, and time-consuming […]

Booking Clients in Los Angeles!

As you might have heard already (because I’ve been super excited on social media) I’m now booking clients and setting up meetings in Los Angeles! I’ll be in town 8/22-8/30 (ish) and I can’t wait to explore the shops, make some new connections, and hopefully pave the way for something a little more routine. I […]

New Video! What to Wear: Creative Job Interview

Hey everyone! I am pretty proud of my new video, because I think there’s a big gap in what gets talked about when it comes to professional attire for creative types. I find myself sometimes struggling with what to wear to pitches or other important client meetings–I want to look professional, but I also want […]

Shoe Week: What to Wear with Red Woven Flats

I’m ending shoe week with these red flats I’ve been styling left and right this summer. These are by Franco Sarto, and I love the casual, warm vibe they add to any outfit. I’ve been throwing them on with anything that needs a little pop of red, too (think little black or white dresses). Flats […]

New Video: Summer Shoe Trends

Hi guys! It’s still shoe week around here, and this is my latest video explaining the 4 new pairs I’ve picked up this summer and am integrating into all of my light and summery outfits. I was a little under the weather, so pardon my lethargy…I’m bringing you a really awesome video next week to […]

Shoe Week: What to Wear with Gladiator Heels

Summer means it’s time to shop for shoes, right?? I can’t deal with wearing the same sandals as last summer–they always get so beat up and there are always new sandal trends to tempt the hell out of me…This summer, I wanted something a little sexy, edgy, and modern-feeling, but still comfortable enough to wear […]

New Video: Light Wash Jeans

This week is all about pants, and even though it’s hot as heck in Austin already, I know some of you are knee-shy and like to cover those gams even when it’s boiling. I have collected a few easy pairs to throw on when I’m feeling pale and lazy, and my latest easy summer pair […]

Video: How to Wear a Denim Shirt (3 ways)!

Another week, another video up on Trophy Boutique TV! Since I basically rotate through my 3 different shades of denim shirt each day of the week, I thought I would share all the myriad of ways this magic shirt can be worn. I love the casual but tailored vibe of these things, and they are […]