Another Summer Staple: The Striped Dress

Summer Stripes Belted Dress

Nothing dresses up a comfortable, casual dress more than adding accessories does. I added a belt and some platform sandals to this tent of a dress to give it some shape and structure for a day at work. It worked! That’s why a striped dress like this is a great staple–it’s neutral enough that any color can be added to it gracefully, and it always looks classic and fresh, even if you’ve worn it many times (like I have). This dress looks great with a statement necklace and yellow belt, a vest and dorky pose, and with a cardigan and boots, like I plan to wear it when the weather finally turns sane.

Try playing with your striped dresses to beat the summer doldrums with accessories!

Summer Stripes Belted Dress

Summer Stripes Belted Dress

Dress: Target, Belt: Fossil, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Earrings: MJ

Summer Stripes Belted Dress

August 19, 2011

7 Responses to Another Summer Staple: The Striped Dress

  1. Jess says:

    I always love nautical! It’s one of my favorite themes.

  2. Love it – definitely very versatile!

  3. Lydia says:

    Love this look! I just found a stripe-y dress at the thrift store last week. Can’t wait to wear it this summer! I like the draping on yours – takes it up a level, fo’ sho’.

    Lydia x

  4. S says:

    LOVE stripes!!! You look super cute :)

  5. Lyddiegal says:

    I can’t get enough of striped dresses or striped anything for that matter! Always cute, chic and nautical!

  6. wow i love this look so much! the pictures are gorgeous! love love the color of the background! perfect match with the shoes! it is such a simple dress but the effect is phenomenal! oh and i love your haircut

  7. Jamie Rose says:

    I actually don’t have a casual striped dress. I think that’s something I should pick up once next summer rolls around. It’s definitely super versatile.

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