Another Pink Evening….

I didn’t realize how blurry this photo was until I put it up here…oh well. We need a new camera! Any suggestions? I don’t know anything about cameras, I just know that this blog would be EVEN BETTER with clearer, more high-quality pictures. Last night I spent a bunch of time working on some marketing stuff for Well Styled. I have never had to describe my personal style before, and I never thought I would admit to being covetous of Rachel Zoe’s closet contents in writing, but hey. I’m just telling the truth here.

It was a whopping 107 degrees here yesterday, and I was not feeling too awesome, so I guess the blurriness is fitting.

Cutoffs: Helmut Lang (cut fresh on Sunday!)
Turban: American Apparel (advertised as a belt)
Shoes: Worishofer,
Earrings: F21

August 25, 2010

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