A Holiday Miracle!

 It’s a Christmas Miracle! Blogger has finally allowed me to expand the size of my photos! Praise be! Too bad I haven’t figured out how to align them correctly or insert text without adding and re-adding the photos, but I still consider this a mighty and wondrous accomplishment for Trophy Boutique. Now I feel that my pictures’ content must live up to their stature. Expect an AMAZING outfit in the next post. I plan to stand in front of my closet scratching my head and cursing myself for writing these words because I can’t decide what to wear in just a few short hours…who doesn’t love the holidays?

Here I am posing next to a half-dead plumeria that was gifted to me by a patient’s wife, and we’ve managed to keep alive for a few years, despite the fact that we don’t live in Hawaii. The pot matches my wedges, though, which is obviously the real reason it’s in the photo. That and it weighs about 200 lbs and there’s no way it’s going anywhere.

Blouse: Tucker for Target, Sweater: Madewell, Trousers: Nanette Lepore (Last Call), Get Your Kicks Wedges: ModCloth, Socks: Target, Earrings: Kendra Scott, Cuff: Chanel (ebay)

December 23, 2010

8 Responses to A Holiday Miracle!

  1. Sarah says:

    This is a really cute look. I love the colors! Those shoes are amazing,


  2. tanvii.com says:

    You look cute!!! Love the shoes. And yeah … the day Bloggers lets us add and align pictures without frustrating the hell outta me I would mark day in calendar and remember always! 😛

  3. That Chelsea Girl™ says:

    I absolutely love your outfit, the Tucker for Target blouse looks great. And yay for Christmas miracles!

  4. MONKEYFACE says:

    Oh that pot was just begging to be included in a photo shoot! So perfect for those wedges :) And I LOVE the new larger photos! Well done!

  5. Sophi says:

    I was lusting after those shoes so hard! They look lovely on you :)

    If you want bigger photos, resize them using Picasa or Picnik to the size you want. Then, upload them to photobucket or flickr and then put them in using HTML code. You put [img src="http://www.imageurl.com"] (except with <> brackets instead of [] ones) and then use the rich text editor to center them, etc.

  6. Jan says:

    Purple and blue! I forgot how much I loved that colour combo!

    That, and how awesome the word "factoid" is. I'm going to make it a point to use it at least 5 times this week. Factoid!

  7. Collette Osuna says:

    LOVE your colors…and of course the much bigger pics…yayy…up close and personal dollie…Merry Xmas eve to you and yours:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Forever 21 Holiday Giveaway!!♥

  8. Shallow Mallow says:

    Love those colours – the blouse/shoe combo is brilliant :)

    The only plants I manage to keep alive are aloes (renowned for being forgiving when it comes to not being watered for say.. a month or two) Perfect for my anything but green fingers 😉

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