A Feature and My Shoe Falls Off

The lovely Carrie at La Rizada was kind enough to feature me today on her blog! You should totally check it out. Not just because of me, but because Carrie is so super cute and has some amazing curls and southwestern flair. I love her colorful outfits and her thoughtful posts. Go on, check it out!

I wore this yesterday and you can tell I was tired and a little punchy (heh) but I have on my TIKKR watch:

My shoe fell off during the photoshoot, and also at lunch. Oh well. This is the price I pay for such an awesome weekend.

Shirt: Old Navy, Scarf, jeans: Madewell, Shoes: Weavie Wonder flats, ModCloth, Earrings: KS, watch c/o TIKKR

March 16, 2011

15 Responses to A Feature and My Shoe Falls Off

  1. austingastronomist.com says:

    You are so pretty, Laurel. I know it makes me a naughty commenter to fawn over you like that, but dangit, it's true. I also like your new log pile header. Very apropos. :)

  2. kristin says:

    Love the log pile! Too cute! Great scarf too:)

  3. Kitsune-kun says:

    super cool shoes!

  4. Sophi says:

    those shoes are the shit! super cute. Neato watch, too. I miss reading your blog! Hopefully I actually can keep up with it now that my coursework has gotten more manageable.


  5. Dorota says:

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  6. Collette Osuna says:

    Hahaha…my shoes always fall off…..I even take the left one off and sit on it to drive…too funny….love the scarf, off the see the feature, congrats!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Free People Giveaway!!♥

  7. Mikhaila says:

    Very cute outfit, I love the scarf! I'm heading over to Carrie's blog now to check out her feature on you.I love her blog tooooo. 😉

  8. LyddieGal says:

    Darn those pesky shoes!
    Ah well, congrats on the feature, you deserve it!

  9. Rachel says:

    Whenever I wear flats, they constantly fall off or get stepped on. XD
    I really like the color and patterns in your accessories! They're really pretty against the light color of your top. 😀

  10. Tanvi says:

    I need to get a TKKR watch too! Off to check out Carrie's blog! :)

    from © tanvii.com

  11. Kelley says:

    I think you look great! Punchy and tired and all!

  12. softspoken says:

    just love those earrings in the bottom pic! and i have a pair of black flats that constantly want to fall off my feet. it's like i just step out of them when walking – so annoying!

  13. Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage says:

    Congrats on the feature, well deserved! My shoe actually snapped a heel once in a shoot, it was very vintage and hot outside. So you are way better off.
    That's a gorgeous scarf!

  14. Jahn 'n Style says:

    fresh outfit! the white shirt and the colorful scarf is a perfect combination…
    on my way to check out your feature :):)

  15. Carrie at La Rizada says:

    yay for your feature. i was so happy to have you! you really are one of my favorite bloggers, and it was a honor for you to grace my blog!


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