A Bunch of Funny Expressions

The secret to making a bunch of strange facial expressions? A strapless bra. The one I have effectively stays up, but while doing so constricts my lower lungs, thus making me somewhat uncomfortable and light-headed for the duration of the bra experience. But at least my bra straps aren’t showing!

I got this dress on sale at Anthropologie last summer. It’s got major nautical vibes going on. The top is even held up by a rope-tie. Just sayin.’

Dress: Anthro, Jacket: Gap, Belt/sash: American Apparel, Clogs: BC, Jewelry: KS

March 10, 2011

18 Responses to A Bunch of Funny Expressions

  1. Molto ❤ Fashion says:

    This dress is so pretty! Of course it is from Anthro..! Definitely one of my most favorite stores ever. I love your shoes, too. And LoLoLoL to the little hints about making funny faces- I have to try that! ;P

    Anne of Green Gables!!!! It's so true- the carpet bag looks like the one she was carrying the first day she got to Green Gables when she was waiting at the train station for Matthew.. I love that movie- I have it on DVD (as well as Anne of Avonlea) ! Now, I have to say.. sometimes I'm torn between deciding whether to be happy that she ended up with Gilbert Blythe or to feel badly that she rejected Edward Harris…

  2. Tanvi says:

    This is a gorgeous dress … What a pretty print! Love it :) And you are soooo funny!!! You write the wittiest stuff and yo don't even know, do you? :) See you REAL soon NOW!!!

    from © tanvii.com

  3. Kitsune-kun says:

    cuuuute dress! haha I HATE strapless bras! just go the route of slutty prom girls and invest in those nipple stickies.

  4. those tricks says:

    oooh! oooh! I love this.
    Did we decide we are the same size?
    Wanna do a temp trade of dress for dress and coordinate the posts or something like that?!

  5. Mitzi says:

    Ahaha, oh, the silly appropriate underwear we don for fashion!
    The dress looks great, I love the neckline and the rope-tie!
    Maybe you'll start a photo-face making-trend 😉 "Oh, this face? It's real, false fashion pouts are SO last season."
    M xo

  6. Collette Osuna says:

    Great jean jacket with the dress print…I have a bra that is like that too….as long as I stay motionless, Im AOK, hahahaha

    Stop by and say Hello♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  7. Lemondrop Marie says:

    FABULOUSness, love that dress!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  8. LyddieGal says:

    That dress is adorable, as are so many things from antro, especially those with nautical vibes.

    strapless bras are my enemy. perhaps because i've never found one that actually fits/works. this means I have to get creative with things that require them, or not buy them at all (which makes me sad).

  9. Lydia says:

    I read "constricts my lower lungs" as "constricts my lower legs" and spent a minute or so trying to figure out what kind of strapless bra could do such a thing…hahaha. Makes much more sense now! Very cute dress. I just always get frustrated with dresses that have straps but can't be worn with a normal bra…why??? Anyway, this one looks to be worth it.

    Lydia x

  10. A La Mode says:

    Cute expressions! :)

  11. Rachel says:

    Your dress is beautiful! The print really is unique. 😀
    Ugh, I hate my strapless bra…it's from a good company, right size, but never stays up. :(

  12. Vanessa says:

    That neckline looks great on you, and I like your choice to pair this with a classic denim jacket. It looks fun and fresh and casual but still special!

  13. Emily Saltzberg says:

    Ugh, strapless bras are the worst. But that dress looks beautiful on you. Worth it? I think so :)

  14. rlutz says:

    I am so loving that dress…those shoes are killer. Kudos for being able to deal with the strapless bra, I have never been successful!

  15. mode. says:

    lovely outfit! and your haircut is totally adorable. i've long been on a good strapless bra hunt. so far, nothin' doing.
    <3 mode.

  16. Annebeth says:

    loooove the nauticalness, I adore nautical. And I usually just go braless if I don't want my straps showing but I am a tramp.


  17. Senta says:

    That's exactly the point why I don't wear strapless dresses. But there are great bras with neckholder straps too, you barely see them if you're using transparent ones.

  18. Stef / Diversions says:

    Beautiful print! Looking great :)

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